Competition - Judges

Toshiyuki Oba

Director of APEX Dog School and Agility Club Dog Trainer.
Teacher at Visionary Arts Carrer College.

Experiences in Agility

 1993:  Left for the U.S.A. to study the rules and regulations of Agility as it was still an unfamiliar sport in Japan at that time.
1995: Participated with my Labrador retriever, Barbara in the European Championship held in Torino, Italy, although it was considered unofficial due to her being in heat.
1996: Participated in the 1st Agility World Championship held in Morges, Switzerland with Barbara as a member of the Japanese team
2000: 14th place in total with my border collie, Manhattan at the World Championship held in Helsinki, Finland.
2007: 11th place in total in individuals and 5th in teams with my border collie, Queen Bee at the World Championship in Hamar, Norway.
2008: 14th place in total with Queen Bee at the World Championship in Helsinki, Finland.
2011: Made the final with my border collie. Connie at the European Open held in Badhall, Austria.
2014: Made the final with my border collie, Jungo at the European Open held in Budapest, Hungary.
2012-until now Member of JKC Agility Central Committee
 I met agility in 1993, and started promoting it wanting to spread it all over Japan. At the same time, I have invited many judges and handlers from Europe and conducted seminars in order to improve the level of agility in Japan. I still continue to be an active handler and keep challenging.

Activities as an Agility Judge

1997: Passed JKC Agility Judge Qualification test
2008: Certified as FCI Agility Judge
2014: Judged at Dania-Cup held in Denmark.
2015: Judged at GOLD in Sweden, Jutlandia-Cup in Denmark, European Open in Germany
2016: Judged at BCC in Netherland, Luxembourg Open held in Luxembourg
2018: SWISS AGILITY CUP, FCI Singapore Agility, Singapore Kennel Club competion
Have judged at approximately 10 competitions a year.

Sari Mikkilä

My agility journey began in 1993 and since then I have competed actively with my Shetland sheepdogs. At the moment I have two shelties and a young bordercollie at home.

I became a judge in 2008 and since then I have judged actively in Finland and abroad. As a judge, I feel privileged to be able to follow closely the seamless cooperation between a dog and a handler, their trust in each other, both doing their best and giving one hundred per cent.

I aim at creating fast, and flowing course profiles with several handling possibilities, which also require technique and the ability to read agility courses.

It’s my honour to judge the 2019 Agility World Championship in Finland. I wish all participants the best of luck and a great competition. Enjoy yourself! Spectators and supporters, you are going to see the best agility in the world – lets share the experience. See you in Turku!


Anders Virtanen

I’m 59 years old, I come from Pedersöre and I work as a dentist in Pietarsaari. In addition to my wife Marica, my family includes two adult sons, three bordercollies and one kooikerhondje. I was first introduced to agility in 1989. My first agility dog was a golden retriever and over the years I have trained and competed in the highest class with three different dogs. A couple of years ago, when I didn’t have a competing dog of my own, I decided to dedicate more time to other sectors of agility, such as judging. At the moment I train and compete with my kooikerhondje in 1st class.

I qualified as an agility judge in 1995 and, in addition to Finland, I have judged in 16 other countries. My highlight as a judge was the 2015 European Open in Rieden Germany.

In addition to judging, I also work in different roles in my own club, the kennel club and the Finnish Agility Association.

I am very honoured to be the assisting judge in our own world championship

I wish all competitors luck and success in the competition!


Esa Muotka

I had not even heard anything about agility before I took my first dog, border collie, in 1993. After the moment we had our first training in February 1994, I have had no time for other hobbies. In 2014 I was in Finnish EO-team with my border collie Siisti. Nowadays in my family includes 6 border collies which we are training and competing with.

After I became a judge in 2008, I have been judging except in Finland also abroad, including qualifiers in many countries.

I am very honoured to be the assisting judge in the AWC2019 in Turku. I hope everybody will enjoy the competition! Good luck and see you soon!


FCI Agility World Championship 2019

Turku, Finland 19.–22.9. 2019