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Dogs into Finland

For regulations regarding the importation of dogs to Finland, please check the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Ruokavirasto) website.

See the links below for importing dogs to Finland (non-commercial movement) as well the vaccination rules of the Finnish Kennel Club. Also notice that all meat products including pet food is not allowed to be imported outside the EU due to Swine Fever.

Import outside the EU

Import from EU

Vaccination regulations:

Prohibited foods that cannot be imported:


Dogs with cropped ears and docked tails in Finland

  • Dogs born before 1.1.2001 can be shown in both shows and competitions, even if cropped and docked, no matter the origin. This includes Finnish bred dogs.
  • Cropped and docked dogs born after 1.1.2001 are not permitted to compete in any official or unofficial shows and competitions.
  • Exception: According to Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland, Decree 1070/2000, dogs with docked tails or cropped ears may participate in the World Championships.
  • The new law for animal welfare and protection in Finland will be renewed. In the new law, any cropped ears or docked tails are not allowed to participate any official or unofficial competitions or shows. In case the law will come into effect before AWC2019, no cropped ears or docked tails will be allowed. At the moment it is expected that the new law for animal welfare and protection will come into effect in the beginning of 2020.

FCI Agility World Championship 2019

Turku, Finland 19.–22.9. 2019